The Initiative

Born in 2009, The Initiative specialise in creative marketing, communications, branded content and social technologies.

We take a unique approach to measuring engagement and building social ecosystems and digital communities. 

There is a lot of smoke around and mirrors associated with audience engagement, digital monetisation and the measure of true brand reach across digital and social platforms.

Given the subjectivity associated with this, we have developed a number of disruptive digital technologies that seek to objectively analyse social engagement and provide new, measurable levels of video interactivity for audiences to provide more efficient and greater access to content.

These products, have allowed us to gain both a new understanding of social and audience engagement across a wide number of markets and industries.

Coupled with our diverse experience, our technologies assist us to generate insights from unprecedented data derived from our ability to measure key elements of engagement, influence and leadership.



Initiative Love

  • “Working with The Initiative has transformed our approach to social engagement. Their framework provided the baseline of our present situation and the roadmap to build self-sustaining communities that advocate, promote and share our brand story, creating the type of attention every organisation dreams of!

    By taking out the mystery of social engagement and providing us with straight forward and logical tips, we were able to see immediate results upon implementing their suggestions.”

    Tim Maillet, Deputy Director, Strategic Marketing & Student Recruitment, UTS

  • “The Initiative, clear and to the point, fun to work with, professional at all times, helpful, great service, fantastic solution, the perfect fit to our needs, will we use them again, why of course.”

    Simon Murgatroyd, Work Arena

  • “The Initiators are a talented group that push boundaries to the max. They are great to work with and their business acumen and language expression is second to none. When it comes to design they just get it.”

    Guseppie Di Maria, Project Dima

  • “The CSM brand has come a long way and a huge part of that and the hot results are due to your incredible talents. Your awesomeness resonates through your work and all around you! Thank you.”

    Victoria Harris, CSM


Sometime we don’t work from the same office. We’re passionate about architecture and the ocean. We’re experienced, take initiative and get the job done.


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