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At The Initiative, we offer a highly unique approach to measuring your content effectiveness and customer / audience engagement.

Utilising our proprietary content and engagement analysis and metrics, we immerse ourselves in your brand to understand your business and marketing objectives. Leveraging from this knowledge, we analyse your digital content quality and engagement performance across the following 4 Dimensions:

1. Quantitative Metrics
2. Qualitative Analysis
3. Content Quality (to best practice)
4. Alignment to Your Brand & Audience

As digital marketing, social media and content specialists, we offer scalable solutions to organisations of any size to tangibly measure the effectiveness of your digital content across all of your touchpoints within the context of what you are intending to say and how you are intending to communicate to your customer, audiences and users.

We collaborate with you to produce more effective and better quality digital content that will achieve deeper and measurable engagement with your customer.

Producing content that consistently reflects best practice across all digital platforms, aligns to your brand and engages your audience is an ongoing challenge. We help you analyse, measure and manage this process to maximise both your ROI and resources to deliver engaging content to YOUR audience.

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